Clos Pachem Winery



"A unique project of vineyard, wines and people that opens the doors to knowledge, reflection and dreams."

Clos Pachem is a winery located in the centre of Gratallop, the heart of the DOQ Priorat, dedicated to producing wines that are sincere with the territory with the utmost respect for nature and the people who work the land.

The Planassos estate, located in the municipality of Gratallops, is the heart of the wines and is a living image of the biodiversity of the Priorat.

Five hectares of vineyards, olive and almond trees that take root on slate soil and share space with a multitude of native plants and great
variability of wild animals forming this landscape of such beauty and survival.

Working the land with respect, using organic and biodynamic practices, Clos Pachem gives life to its environment and its vines to obtain the fruit that once harvested will be the liquid of our passion.


Within the estate we find different orientations, heights and depths of the terrain generating a variability of microclimates that makes the Garnacha and Carignan vines, in the majority, develop in very different ways. This learning from the estate year after year helps us to understand and act when it comes to shaping the wines.


The earth gives you back what you give it and Planassos gives love, wine love.

The winery is a good synthesis of what Clos Pachem is all about: making good wines and doing so with scrupulous respect for the environment. If the land is cultivated biodynamically and ecologically, the winery's sustainable architecture is what sets the tone and what led them to entrust the architectural project to the prestigious Harquitectes studio in Barcelona.


Winery and cultivation are two sides of the same coin, a faithful reflection of the way of being and doing. Built with natural, simple and durable materials, the building is perfectly integrated into the historic centre of Gratallops, inviting passers-by to visit the winery through an interior passageway, conceived as a public space and welcome area.


A large hall dedicated to wine fermentation is the central space of the project with very thick walls and multiple air chambers that
allow a 100% natural cooling of the entire building and a complete hydrothermal stability.

Clos Pachem is a tribute to projects that transcend generations, like good wines.


"Pachem represents the names of my children:

Paul, Charles and Emma. - Michael, Founder Clos Pachem