celler Declara Wine



A good wine is born from a good grape.

Declara Wine is located in El Molar, in the Priorat region (Tarragona).

It is a fifth generation family winery since 1880. But the land has been cultivated, generation after generation, since 1736. There is evidence of this in documents kept by the family in which the Grifoll surname is recorded as vineyard operators.

Today we make red and white terroir wines that showcase the Priorat landscapes in the most honest and sustainable way.

To do this, they rely on three fundamental pillars:

The development of more natural, healthy and ecological products, the protection of the environment and the economic, social and cultural development of the environment.


"We always respect nature, and we do not use any chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides. We like the philosophy of doing traditional viticulture, just as past generations did with respect for nature and the environment, with the priority being quality. The aim is to have a very lively soil and to take care of the environment".


The vineyards are distributed at altitudes ranging from 110 metres above sea level in the lowest parts of the municipality of El Molar, to 565 metres above sea level in the highest parts of the same municipality.

The configuration of the crop is characterised by slopes that exceed 10% slope in most cases, and some estates reach 45%. The tortuous geography of this area makes it necessary to cultivate the vineyard on slopes (costers), some of which do not allow mechanical access.


For this reason we work following the most traditional forms of cultivation. All the grapes are harvested by hand, the specialists select the grapes vine by vine and make a first selection in the vineyard itself.