comma d'en bonet



The Coma d'en Bonet winery is the result of the winemaking tradition of the Fuster Amades family, which has been dedicated to the cultivation of the vine and the production of wines for over 60 years in GANDESA.


We work in search of uniqueness in our wines, always respecting and enhancing the typicality of the GARNACHA BLANCA, which within the DO TERRA ALTA represents 75% of Spanish production, while also adapting it to current prescriptive trends, thanks to the use of other varieties, which will help us in the final coupage of our wines, both whites and reds.

From this space, we want to make known our way of doing and regularly approach our day to day.

We control 28.40 hectares of vineyards, arranged in "Faixes", "Bancals " and "Pendents", on a terroir of calcareous clay nature and always very poor in organic matter. Located between 350 and 400 metres and with a rainfall that hardly exceeds 400 mm / year, coupled with more than 2,000 hours of sunshine throughout the growing cycle and the influence of a regime of winds dominated by the Cierzo and Garbinada, we find optimal conditions for perfect development of the vines and the production of grapes of great concentration and quality.