Giol Porrera



The passion for Porrera and the authenticity of the legacy of family mountain farming.


Giol Porrera is a winery that was born in 2018 with the intention of making known its new range of wines, the values of the estates, the native varieties and the cultural elements of the mountain agriculture of Priorat.

The fields and the old alcohol factory, which now houses the winery, are named after the great-grandfather's surname, Giol. The places of origin of the grapes used to make the wines are Mas d'en Caçador and Les Sentius.


As a winegrower and winemaker, together with his family, Jonàs Macip started this project to have another tool to continue defending the family farm and the profession of the farmer, proud of the heritage it represents.

With the memory of so many crises that have threatened the agrarian model they represent and in the midst of the uncertain times we live in, Giol Porrera faces with energy this extra effort to continue living with humility and honesty from the land.


Making it sustainable is a challenge, and thanks to the growing commitment of so many people to the landscape that farmers built, we can make it possible for all of us to continue to enjoy the privilege of the diversity, exclusivity and quality of the territories they work and the products that represent them.

Giol Porrera values the viticulture on the slopes and with the autochthonous varieties of the Priorat.


With the aim of trying not to leave you indifferent, we accompany you to discover their wines knowing that you will enjoy the experience.