The llicorella

The llicorella

The "Terroir" of the Priorat. 

From Catalino the Sommelier to...

The D.O.Q. Lands Priorat where we will explain the soil of Llicorella.

What is Llicorella?

👨🏻🏫También is known as slate and is a metamorphic rock of sedentary origin and laminar form. 

Thanks to its waterproofing, Llicorella (slate) is used in construction, especially for roofing houses.

But how does that affect the wines? 🤷🏼‍♀️

The Llicorella compound terroir is poor, it does not retain water and this, for the vine, makes the production of grapes that it makes higher quality.

But why? 🤷🏻♂️

👨🏻🏫 As the soil is less humid, the vine has to make its roots grow deeper, they have more contact with the terroir and acquire more mineralisation. If the vine has more mineralisation and less water, it will have fewer grapes but a more concentrated flavour, and they will also have more mineral flavour than in other soils. 🍇⛰️

These grapes will give us a wine with many nuances! 🍷✨

The essence of concentrated mineral terroir in a bottle! 


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