Tips from Catarino the sommelier

Tips from Catarino the sommelier


Oxygen has the gift of speeding up time on wines. It is an ally and at the same time an enemy: in contact with it, wine evolves, grows, but also ages...

Let's look at the Uncorking Times


Just before I serve:

The dry, fruity whites, also with the very light reds and the sparkling wines. All the cavas!

With all of them we just need to air them out a little bit in the glass right after uncorking so that they wake up and join the party!

One hour earlier:

All other wines will always win if they are uncorked before serving.

The simple action of removing the cap is enough!

The most vintage wines (over 8 years), will need decanter, but less time to breathe, using so that the flavors and aromas do not deteriorate in it.

Up to 2 hours earlier: 

The wines with more body. We will also emphasize that the younger the wine is the longer you should let it breathe, due to the high content of tannins it has.


There are those who believe that there is no scientific basis to be found in the times of corkage, but for us wine romantics, we like rituals, ceremonies and the happiness they bring! Uncork it, smell it, talk about it, have fun, taste it and, above all.